Mamison All-Season Tourist and Recreational Complex

The all-season tourist and recreational complex "Mamison", located in the Alagirsky district of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania, is one of the largest projects in the history of the Republic.

Mamison is located in the wide mountain valley of the Mamison Gorge – in an area with unique natural historical and cultural resources, convenient and long slopes.

The project is being implemented on the territory of the special economic zone of the tourist and recreational type "Mamison" and provides for an all-season nature of work: in winter, the ski infrastructure with a variety of ski trails and a snowpark, hotels, food outlets and recreational services will be available to tourists; in the off-season and summer, amazing landscapes with various types of activities and recreation on the territories. Accommodation of guests from luxury hotel rooms to budget hostels and cottages. With SPAs, entertainment events, sports events, festivals and excursions. 

In the first years, the resort will be able to receive more than 100 thousand guests annually, starting from 2030, the expected tourist flow is up to 700 thousand visitors per year. The project is developing in stages. At the moment it includes 25 trails with a total length of more than 65 km with a height difference from 2100 to 3170 meters. The unique location of the resort, the terrain, natural and climatic conditions, the projected artificial snowmaking system with an area of more than 260000 sq. meters and basic infrastructure will ensure a longer skiing season.

National Ropeways LLC has designed the following resort facilities for today:

  • 2 bridges over the Bubi-Don River (Mamihdon) for one of the ski slopes;
  • 12 ski slopes;
  • Facilities for erosion protection of ski slopes.

Working documentation is currently being created:

  • Shore protection;
  • Upland drainage channels;
  • Retaining walls.


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