3S System

3S System

Вместимость одного кресла
High capacity
Up to 35 people
Высокая экологичность строительства
High environmental friendliness of construction
Which is achieved by installing a minimum number of line towers, therefore, there is no need to cut down trees;
Удобство эксплуатации
Easy operation.
No need for constant monitoring of the equipment
Пропускная способность
High capacity
Up 5,500 people per hour


3S system is a technical perfection in ropeway systems. The design features two fixed, fully locked track ropes guiding the cabins, driven by a third rope — the haul rope. The system employs detachable grips, and the system as a whole provides greater transport capacity.

Depending on the territory and landscape, the design provides large spans between the towers (up to 3,000 m) without critical sagging of the rope and high wind stability.

 The speed of the gondolas is reduced at stations and the latest “stop-and-go” technology can stop the movement completely. This provides additional comfort when boarding and deboarding the cabin.


  • high reliability of the equipment, absolutely no breakdown of the driving systems in adverse weather conditions
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