Вместимость одного кресла
Panoramic view
Comfortable carriages
Скорость при транспортировке лыжников
Transport speed
Up to 15 m/s.
accessible for all categories of passengers
Пропускная способность
Transport capacity
up to 10000 people per hour


A funicular is a perfect transport solution for the city and tourist sites in any weather conditions. This pendulum-type cableway system can be successfully integrated into a complex urban environment with curved sections and long distances. It does not require building roads, cutting down trees, and spreading asphalt everywhere. Such a transport system is very energy-efficient: electricity is not used for lifting and lowering carriages, instead, it is used to overcome the friction force, brake, and compensate for the carriages’ weight difference.


  • lack of special and expensive solutions for the evacuation of passengers;
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