Detachable Chairlifts

Detachable Chairlifts

Вместимость одного кресла
Capacity of one detachable chair
4 to 8 people
Скорость при транспортировке лыжников
High transport speed
Up to 6 m/s
Скорость при транспортировке пешеходов
Transport capacity
up to 3,000 people per hour
Пропускная способность
Transportation of passengers
In any direction with the possibility of getting on and off at intermediate and return stations


Detachable Chairlifts are designed for ski resorts and maintenance of high-capacity ski trails.

The speed slows down when the chair is at the departure or arrival station — a grip detaches from the rope, and then it attaches again after leaving the station. This allows for avoiding jerks when boarding.

 The rope length reaches 2,500 m with an elevation change of up to 600 m, the maximum transport speed is 5 m/s, the altitude is up to 2,500 m above sea level.

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