Reversible Aerial Tramway

Reversible Aerial Tramway

Вместимость одного кресла
From 40 to 200 passengers
Скорость при транспортировке лыжников
Transport speed
Up to 12 m/s.
Простота посадки
Easy boarding and disembarking
With full stop of carriers
Сокращение времени в пути
Reduced travel time
Maximum comfort


The reversible aerial tramway is one of the varieties of the gondola (cabin) lifts. The carriers of the reversible aerial tramway move towards each other along the ropes by means of a haul rope. Such type of a ropeway is suitable for use in difficult terrain, for example, it will easily deliver passengers through valleys, ravines, rivers, or glaciers with rope spans as long as 3,000 m.

Deliver skiers to a snow-covered mountain, provide transport between urban areas or offer a unique way to visit a tourist attraction — the reversible aerial tramway suits any type of terrain.

The carriers stop at the arrival and departure stations to make boarding and deboarding easy and safe. This increases the comfort and accessibility for various categories of passengers.

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