Канатная дорога

About the Company


Limited Liability Company "National Ropeways" is a Russian manufacturer of ropeways. The company specializes in the creation of turnkey ski infrastructure facilities and urban cable cars, as well as the operation of cable cars.


Company’s Mission


The mission of National Ropeways Limited Liability Company is to ensure the full production cycle of ropeways - from design and production to operation, which allows to completely replace foreign analogues, including through the creation and development of a network of certified Russian suppliers-manufacturers of ropeways sub-components.


Company’s Purpose:


The main purposes of National Ropeways Limited Liability Company are:

  • to gain leading positions in the domestic market and the CIS market;
  • to strength positions in the field of design, production, construction and operations of fascilities of tourist clusters and urban transport infrastructure;to create a highly professional team.
Company’s Objectives


The main tasks are:

  • creation and improvement of an enterprise for the production of ropeways equipment;
  • attracting the best specialists in the industry and improving the skills of the company's employees, which undoubtedly guarantee the safety of passengers on ropeways;
  • application of high-quality and advanced design methods, materials for project implementation;
  • creation of a flexible, customer-oriented company;
  • updating control algorithms and introducing new solutions into outdated rope systems to ensure their trouble-free and safe operation;
  • minimization of operating costs and elimination of interruptions in the operation of equipment, assistance in preventive maintenance;
  • technical audit of equipment and evaluation of documentation of operated rope systems, as well as a proposal for their improvement.

Presentation of the Limited Liability Company "National Ropeways"