Areas of application


Горнолыжный спорт

The modern ski geography of Russia is extremely extensive — from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from the Kola Peninsula to the North Caucasus. The areas for skiing are evenly distributed and mainly concentrated in areas with well-developed infrastructure. The skiing infrastructure helps attract skiers, snowboarders, and tourists, thereby contributing to the creation of resorts.

National Ropeways Limited Liability Company has huge expertise in the development of the concept, area planning documentation, and project documentation as well as supply of equipment, including local manufacturing content and operation of facilities. LLC National Ropeways operates the following ski resorts: Arkhyz in the territory of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Elbrus in the territory of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and Veduchi in the territory of the Chechen Republic. These facilities demonstrate a steadily growing tourist flow and, additionally, drive the economic growth in their regions.



The main advantage of ski tourism is the opportunity to do your favorite sport and relax with your family. Every year thousands of travelers go skiing resorts all over Russia, thereby discovering the unforgettable natural sights of our country. Ski tourism is extremely popular due to the fact that it is a great type of active winter recreation.

LLC National Ropeways is engaged in fostering the tourism industry at Elbrus, Arkhyz, Veduchi all-season tourist and recreational complexes that welcome their guests all year round.

Urban Transport

Based on the current market conditions and the dynamics of urbanization in the Russian Federation, one of the most important tasks for Limited Liability Company National Ropeways is the promotion of ropeways as a type of urban transport. The urban ropeways are easily integrated into the transport system and, as the practice has shown, contribute to improving the quality of life in the surrounding areas. It becomes a popular type of transport, an attractive site for tourists and, as a result, increases the municipal budget.

Fully realizing the huge potential of the Company in the Russian market, I ask you to take a closer look at National Ropeways Limited Liability Company as a reliable partner capable not only of satisfying commercial interests but also of improving the standard of living of our citizens through the implementation of its main function of introducing modern, environmentally friendly, and high-tech ropeways.