Surface Lifts

Surface Lifts

Вместимость одного кресла
Transport capacity
One T-bar lift is 1 to 2 passengers
Скорость при транспортировке лыжников
Transport speed
Up to 4 m/s.
Скорость при транспортировке пешеходов
Low power consumption
Up to 120 kW
Пропускная способность
High transport capacity
up to 1,200 people per hour


Surface lifts are designed to lift skiers and snowboarders uphill by towing over the snow using single or double T-bar lifts. They are fixed on a haul rope.

The surface lift includes:

  • drive station;
  • return station;
  • haul rope;
  • towing devices;
  • monitoring and control equipment.


  • easy maintenance and operation;
  • short terms of equipment delivery (up to six months) and installation (up to one month).
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